GoPro Ski Commercial Song

Song: “Mariposa Venenosa”
Artist: Coo Coo Birds
Album: Don’t Bring Your Boyfriends

Maybe they were tired of skewing cute (see: Chicken the dog , Ava the baby skateboarder) because this new GoPro Ski Commercial (sent in by reader request!) is sure to haunt my nightmares for weeks to come. Why does the mouth on this mask need to move? I can now add “being murdered by a yeti” to my Reasons Not to Go Skiing list. It comes in at number two, right behind “total lack of balance and coordination.”

The song in this commercial comes to us from California band Coo Coo Birds, and these guys seem like characters. From their facebook page:

Government Warning: The Coo Coo Birds are not responsible for the loss of any under-garments, boyfriends, or innocence lost in the course of their public outreach.

The title, “Mariposa Venenosa” translates to “poisonous butterfly”. If you’re in the mood for some rocking guitars, check this track out. Just make sure your underwear and/or significant others are secured.

Mariposa Venenosa
Mariposa Venenosa