Kia Soul Commercial Song

Kia Soul Commercial
Song: “Animals”
Artist: Maroon 5

I have a few questions for the rodents in this Kia Soul commercial. First, what happened to the Kia hamsters? I thought they got buff. Are these different nerdy hamsters or did the original hamsters abandon the gym in favor of geek chic? Also, I know it is just an ad, but is anyone else creeped out by the idea of these dudes Weird Science-ing themselves some girlfriends? And why are there 3 girls for every guy? Kia, listen, I like you (I just bought one of your cars!), but it is time to get some new spokesmen. It has been a great run, but any pop culture fan can tell you that when you start contradicting your own mythology it is time to move on. And you don’t want your youtube page popping up every time someone googles “sexy hamster”. That is just bad branding.

Questionable mascots aside, fans of Maroon 5 are sure to be pretty psyched for this spot. “Animal” is a brand new single from the band’s forthcoming album V (named for the roman numeral 5), which will be released next week. Fans can head over to iTunes to pre-order V, and you can get another sneak peek by tuning into the MTV VMA’s on Sunday where the rockers are rumored to be performing this very song.

Baby, I’m preying on you tonight
Hunt you down, eat you alive
Just like animals