Jack Daniel’s Commercial Song

Jack Daniel's Commercial
Song: “Good Kind of Crazy”
Artist: Brighton, MA
Album: Brighton, MA

If you want to get technical, ok yes, this isn’t a new Jack Daniel’s commercial. You might remember it, with its rustic barrel Christmas tree, from the halcyon days of 2012 when the liquor company debuted this campaign. But apparently the brand can’t get enough of the perfect combination of whiskey, Pinterest worthy decorations, and Chicago based rock band Brighton, MA. Let’s just consider this spot a new holiday tradition.

“Good Kind of Crazy” is from Brighton, MA’s 2007 self titled EP. Even though the commercial never makes it to the vocals, the song’s intro is both simple and beautiful. Check out the full track, and if you’re wanting more, be sure to head over to the band’s site to download not one, but two, recordings of “O Christmas Tree” to add to your holiday playlist.