GoPro Commercial Song

GoPro Commercial
Song: “Music for a Movie”
Artist: Baobab
Album: Baobab

Where do you go once you’ve maxed out on cuteness? There was literally no way they were going to top the adorability of Chicken the dog or baby skateboarder Ava, so in this GoPro commercial the camera innovators went with inspirational. Watching this orphaned pelican learn to fly was definitely uplifting. No pun intended.

The song in this spot is “Music for a Movie” by Baobab. It is from their self titled debut album, released in 2012. It is interesting to note that the group, which takes its name from a type of tree native to Africa, is made up of some brainy kids. From their website:

Phil is a writer and former philosophy/neuroscience graduate student. He recently completed his first book, A Crisis of Faith: Atheism, Emerging Technologies and the Future of Humanity. Whitney is a PhD candidate in English at Duke University. Josh has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Duke and works as a research engineer to improve speech and music perception for cochlear implants.

Will listening to their music make you smarter? Well, it definitely couldn’t hurt. Download their most recent release Bayohbahb for extra credit.