Gap Commercial Song Dress Normal Kiss

Gap Commercial
Song: “Kiss”
Musician: David Holmes

Congratulations everyone, we’ve made it to the final David Fincher directed Gap commercial! And we’ve saved the best for last. In an article with Ad Age, Gap higher ups said the goal for this campaign was to create “relatable moments” and let me just say: mission accomplished. I don’t know that I can relate to that much PDA, but who among us can resist sneakily checking ourselves out when we happen to having a good butt day? (Kidding aside, those shots with all of the repeating reflections are masterful.)

“Kiss”, the song in this spot, is a custom piece by Irish composer David Holmes. It is not surprise to find Holmes here, as his career has been heavily intertwined with films. Having done scores for Steven Soderbergh and releasing an album inspired by film (1995′s This Film’s Crap Let’s Slash the Seats), it is clear that his music is a great fit with Fincher’s cinematic style. Unfortunately for fans, you cannot currently download this track, but in 2010 Holmes released The Dogs Are Parading, a greatest hits album that might just ease your pain.

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