Budweiser Commercial Song Friends are Waiting

Budweiser Commercial Song
Artist: Dan Rodriguez

Grab the tissues, because today’s Budweiser commercial request is probably going to make you cry. (If it hasn’t already, I think I’m up to like 4.) The puppy in this commercial loves his owner so much, the idea of him not coming home just wrecked me. Then at the end I was just SO HAPPY. It was like a flood of life affirming emotion. Hug your pets, call your parents, love each other! If you haven’t seen it already, check out the commercial below, just be sure not to click play until you’re ready to feel more feelings than you’ve ever felt in your life.

So good right? And, speaking of heartwarming, this Budweiser ad is a great example of the spotlight a good commercial collaboration can shine on unknown artists. Sure, Minnesota musician Dan Rodriguez has released a few albums, and played in his local scene, but now he’s blowing up thanks to the custom track he did for this spot. Check out this article from his local Fox affiliate where Rodriguez talks about how the sincere song was inspired by missing his wife. Awww.

Rodriguez says he is going to use all that sweet Budweiser cash to finance his next record, and he’s working to get a full version of the track available for purchase. We’ll let you know if that comes to fruition, but in the meantime give his 2011 self titled EP a listen. You can also keep tabs on Rodriguez on Facebook and Twitter.

Have any furry friends you love coming home to? Share your sweet pet faces in the comments!

You and me we were made for love
A lifetime is not long enough to show you what you mean to me
Oh, oh, oh
I’ll be waiting here for you when you come home to me

  • Brittany Mitchell

    Also because I can’t resist, here is a picture of my boyfriend’s doggie Dot. Do you have a sweet pet face you love to come home to? Share it here!

  • Mike Southard

    What a ridiculous commercial. Talking to his dog when he comes home as if he fully comprehends what he’s saying. That dog probably peed all over the house and crapped in his slippers while he was out getting drunk.