Lifetime Big Driver Trailer Song

Big Driver Trailer
Song: “Run From Me”
Artist: Timber Timbre
Album: Hot Dreams

Welcome to October, dear readers, the time of the year when tv gets spooky! Lifetime movies are a tricky thing, sometimes they just look terrible, but sometimes they surprise you, and this Big Driver trailer is definitely giving off good vibes. Based on a Stephen King story and starring Maria Bello, this teaser looks dark and twisted, plus Joan Jett is in it. Verdict: will DVR.

The song in this trailer is definitely helping to up the fright factor. “Run From Me” by Timber Timbre is both soothing and unsettling. the languid tempo and sparse piano draw you in, giving the whole things a quaintly creepy feeling. Between this trailer and commercials from American Horror Story, your Halloween playlist should be off to a great start.

Big Driver premieres Saturday October 18th on Lifetime, will you be watching?

Run from me darling
Run my good wife
Run from me darling
You’d better run for your life
Each time I see you
I contemplate