About What Song is in that Commercial?

What Song is in that Commercial? launched in February of 2012 with the purpose of supporting musicians. Many times great music appears in commercials, but the general public has no clue who made it. We’re here to give listeners the information they want and musicians the recognition they deserve. Fill out our request form if there’s a song in a commercial you want to know about. Check out our advertising page if you’re a business wanting to partner with us.

Who We Are

Cheryl Upshaw, Editor in Chief

Cheryl Upshaw is a writer and photographer from Denver. She currently lives in rural Nevada with lizards and gold miners. You can contact her at cheryl@whatsongisinthatcommercial.com.

Tahnee Lacey, Writer

Tahnee Lacey is an actor and writer currently living in Chicago, IL. You can check out her work and find out where she is performing next at www.TahneeLacey.com.

Juli Rossi, Writer

Juli considers herself a writer just like all of the rest of the internet. Her favorite things include but are not limited to: karaoke, tourist-ing, mockery, shooting craps, saving lives, movies, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, drunk blogging, and claiming she will get her motorcycle license. You may email her at julirossi@whatsongisinthatcommercial.com.

Evan Benner, Writer

Evan Benner is a young copywriter and concert photographer making his mark in Chicago, IL. View his writing portfolio here and concert photos on Flickr. You may email him at evan@whatsongisinthatcommercial.com.

Brittany Mitchell, Writer

Brittany is a writer/art maker/non-profit worker living in Chicago. You can also visit her occasionally neglected craft blog theplaidowl.blogspot.com. If you would like to say hello or inquire about how to best glue one thing to something else please email her at brittany@whatsongisinthatcommercial.com.

Jessica Thompson, Co-Founder, former Editor in Chief

Jessica Thompson is a writer living in Chicago. Check out her work here.

Matt Thompson, Co-Founder, Writer

Matt Thompson is a musician and a music licensing industry professional. You may email him at matt@whatsongisinthatcommercial.com.

Matt Pusatory, Writer

Matt Pusatory is a music and pop culture blogger straight out of Denver, Colorado. You may email him at mpusatory@whatsongisinthatcommercial.com.