Tezenis Commercial Song – We Turn It Up

Tezenis commercial song
Song: We Turn It Up
Artist: Oh Land

We all have to break out of our shells sometimes. For me, that shell has been my distaste for pop music, but every now and again I find an example that presents some manner of enjoyment. For this latest request for this Tezenis commercial song, we found a B-side cut from Danish pop artist Oh Land’s self-titled second album called “We Turn It Up.” This was actually her first album released in the states, and surprisingly, this catchy tune wasn’t chosen for a single. Then again, it’s probably singles that have built my predisposition to pop music, so I never tend to seek out the deeper cuts off artists’ albums.

Oh Land is the stage name of Nanna Øland Fabricius, a former ballet student whose injuries forced her to pursue new, less physical creative outlets. Her brand of uplifting pop signals she has chosen to celebrate her new creativity, perhaps with a bit of a rebellious attitude. Rebellious certainly suits the feeling of the commercial where women are choosing color in their fashion over hiding away, although I’m sure Oh Land was being a little less literal in her lyrics.

We turn it up
We turn it up

Out in the streets
I hear the crack of thunder
People keeping low
People searching for some color

But in my room
I hear the sound of trumpets
Leading me through the fear that keep us in

We turn it up
We don’t care what you say