The White Russian’s Kahlua Commercial Song

White Russian

Song: Fading Blues
Artist: Hird
Get it:


This Kahlua commercial song is jazzy and dreamy. Plus: Jeff Bridges is there! Jeff Bridges is also like a dream, but not a dreamy-dream, just like a regular ordinary dream that you describe to your friends when you see them at brunch – And then the house was like, not a house anymore because it was kind of a cloud and it was like kind of like a museum, but like not a normal museum, I mean like a Swedish museum, and all of our hands were pomegranates and then Jeff Bridges showed up and made everyone shark-steak tacos, dude it was so weird.

Bridges is telling a story of his youth, back when he was driving a truck in Mexico. You know how when you watch the Vacation movies and the Griswolds are supposed to be in the Chicago suburbs, but you can clearly see palm trees and mountains (before they leave for vacation, I mean)? Similarly, Joshua Trees only grow in the Mojave. Therefore it behooves me to tell you: chupacabras are more abundant in Mexico than Joshua Trees. Of course if I’m wrong, or those video trees are some other kind of yucca, forget I said anything. (#mybad #yesalljoshuatrees)

BUT. This is about Kahlua commercial song. It’s called “Fading Blues,” and it’s by – holy crap, seriously? – it’s by a Swedish band called Hird. The commercial is a four-minute short running parallel to the “Knights of Cydonia” video, but without the sex and magic and holographs (which you can totally watch on Youtube by searching on your own, you lazy bastard). This one is much more along the lines of realism, much more about accepting serendipity. Is it pro-cosmonaut? It is also decidedly pro-cosmonaut.

While “Fading Blues” dangles lazily throughout the entire video, like the four minute time period before you decide to make yourself a White Russian, other songs are mixed in that I do not feel like googling, much like the other drinks I don’t feel like mixing that are not White Russians. Full circle, yo. Basically, I love me a good White Russian. So yeah, then the lyrics sneak in effortlessly after about three and a half minutes, and there’s your song. Buncha needy urchins, the lot of you.

Hird has one dude who’s a consistent band member, but he works with other singers and musicians on his productions. Singing this particular piece is Yukimi Nagano, Swedish/Japanese vocalist for the Swedish electronic group Little Dragon.

As I fall asleep
You burn down
down in deep

After all you will know
I was more
I was warm to go

I would also like to add: this was really hard to write without mentioning The Big Lebowski. Someone give me a medal.