Disney’s Big Hero 6 Trailer Song – Top of the World

big hero 6 trailer songSong: Top of the World
Artist: Greek Fire

There are few other artists I would love to see make it big than the fellows who wrote the latest Big Hero 6 trailer song. “Top of the World” by Greek Fire is an incredibly uplifting, celebratory track that continues their record of feel good, anthemic and emphatic releases that rekindle the spirit of both rock and pop. Greek Fire is an offshoot of my favorite American band Story of the Year, allowing the two guitarists to explore new breadths of expression and sound. “Top of the World” was produced by John Feldman of Goldfinger. One of the things I like most about their name is that the more water you pour on actual greek fire, the stronger it flares and spreads. It’s very much like the song itself, that no matter how the world tries to get us down, in the face of adversity we can thrive.

Big Hero 6 is the latest offering by Walt Disney Animation Studios (Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, and Frozen). More specifically, it’s made alongside Disney-owned Marvel, meaning if the movie hits things off right, it’ll please comic book fans worldwide. The way things are progressing, building from Fall Out Boy, which we covered in the earlier trailer, to my preferred Greek Fire now, I’d say I’m feeling optimistic about this movie.

On top of the world,
on top of it all,
trying to feel invincible

Yea Oh, Yea Oh

I’m dying on top of the world