The Cosmopolitan Hotel Commercial Song – Just the Right Amount of Wrong

Cosmopolitan Hotel Commercial Song 2014
Song: Twilite Speedball
Artist: Mos Def

I can identify a commercial for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in a matter of seconds. Their use of dark and highly stylized imagery with disjointing, experimental music has become iconic. The same could be said for the fact that their commercials tell you nothing about the hotel or its amenities. But the curious, mysterious, opulent and unique image must be working for them, since we’ve also covered their similar Misfit Right In spot. At the very least, it takes good advantage of the “Vegas is fun” perception.

This latest Cosmopolitan Hotel commercial song is the instrumental version of Mos Def’s “Twilite Speedball.” It’s a pretty bumping track with darkly tinged horn samples that really feed the imagery of the spot. The vocal version of the track could be well suited too with lyrics like “Having a good time every day.” I mean, that’s what people go to Vegas for, right? The instrumental track is hard to come by though, meaning you’d have to be an entity with a lot of dough to get even 30 seconds of it, which The Cosmopolitan did. The rest of us will have to settle for the original.