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bareMinerals commercial

Song: Love Life
Artist: Natalie Taylor
Download: Coming Soon

We love reader requests and this bareMinerals commercial came to us from an unnamed reader via our request form. Have you placed a request with us yet? Please do! Sometimes it takes us a bit to track it down, but it brings us joy to answer your questions and get you the music you didn’t know you loved until you heard it in the spot.

The song in this commercial is “Love Life” by Natalie Taylor. According to Ms. Taylor’s Facebook, this song is a new one but she plans on releasing it soon. So do not you fret, you will be able to download it for your listening while yoga pleasure. I assume you are doing  yoga while you are listening to this song. It seems like the kind of song you would relax to and yoga is relaxing right? What else is relaxing? Bubble baths? I actually find those stressful and boring. Baking? Some people find baking relaxing. Petting your cat? That is totally relaxing. So yes, you will be able to listen to this song while you pet your cat. In the meantime, you can check out more tunes from this Nashville based singer songwriter by heading to her website and Twitter.