Asics Gel Equipped Commercial Song

Asics commercial

Song: Get it Get it
Artist: Blackout and Rally

Dear Readers,

I am sure you are thinking, Tahnee, where have you been? You missed a post yesterday and now this one is late. Well I profusely apologize to you, but Sunday I ran a half marathon (I know, I am amazing right) and then Sunday evening I was promptly sick and did nothing for two days but lay in bed and watch hours on end of Bravo and the SyFy network. Things I have learned: FaceOff and Magic Wars are awesome. Two days of not eating after running 13.1 miles will screw you up. Your cats don’t care that you don’t feel well. They will jump on your stomach anyway. Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on me. But here is the update you really want. While I was laid up I caught mostly commercials for folks with bladder slings and other ailments, but every so often I caught a good one like this Asics Gel Equipped commercial. Come check out with me.

The song in this spot is “Get It Get It” by Blackout and Rally. Personally it makes me want to Get it Get it. Right now the It is a sandwich as I still haven’t eaten lunch. Work waits for no man or woman’s hungry stomach. Blackout and Jordan have the best message on their website, “Don’t forget how beautiful you are” and I can’t stop looking at it. Thanks for that guys. The bio that I can find is that he(is it just one man?) is a former staff composer at HUM music and now works as a freelancer collaborating with other artists. If the rest of his (their?) music is anything like this song, this listener will definitely give them a go!