2014 Verizon Commercial Song – I Want It Right Now

2014 Verizon commercial song - I Want It
Song: I Want It
Artist: Viv and The Revival

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a band, here’s your chance. I’m not talking about running to your nearest Verizon store and picking up some gadget to air guitar with (what is that red block anyway). Strap on the air guitar you already have, because you’re part of this band whether you like it or not.

What band you ask? Look no further than the source of this Verizon commercial song. Thanks to a handful of requests, we made sure to track down the artist. They’re called Viv and The Revival, founded by singer and guitarist Viv Peyrat, and The Revival includes you. What a fun take on a band. The introduction to their Facebook profile even states, “My name is Viv and each and every person that reads this is the Revival.” Now’s your chance to get a new lease on life as a “band member,” because “as we all continue to make beautiful noise together, we remember that every time we wake up, we start again, a new beginning, a Revival.” How can you say no to that?

And hey, look at that. Your very own debut album called The Introduction is on its way, so keep your eyes and ears open for it on iTunes. You can nab “I Want It” and a few other of your singles there already.

I want it (woo!)
Give it to me now
I’m not gonna stop
More, more, gimme more

I want it, I want it
I want it right now (woo!)