2014 Miller Lite Commercial Song – Subliminal

2014 Miller Lite Commercial Song - Subliminal
Song: Joy
Artist: Apollo 100

There’s nothing subliminal about our love of answering your requests. There may be something subliminal about my choice to answer a beer request first thing on a Monday morning though. Turns out this request was just particularly interesting, so I couldn’t wait for a more appropriate time to post.

This exact 2014 Miller Lite commercial song “Joy,” released by Apollo 100 in 1972, is actually an arrangement of an arrangement of Johann Sebastian Bach‘s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.” Turns out Apollo 100 basically modified the arrangement by the band Jigsaw off of their 1970 album Letherslade Farm, only faster and with more harpsichord and keyboard. Apollo 100 was only a short-lived, studio-based project by British musician Tom Parker, known also for his pop arrangements of other classical pieces.

Copy or not, Apollo 100′s version actually hit pretty high on the US charts. As with every other classical composition, there really is no “original recording,” so we’ll just have to let this one slide. We have plenty to pick from by way of orchestral performances of the same compositions, so what’s another interpretation? Just go for baroque and strike up that harpsichord.