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Vampire Blow Interview

The boys of Vampire Blow have been some of my favorite to interview thus far. Their music has recently appeared in the Old Navy Winter Wear Sale and they were as ecstatic as I was to appear as WSIITC Artist of the Week.

First and foremost, where did your name come from?
Well, we came up with it some years ago on our way back home from a fishing trip at a good friend’s house up in Norway. We had just started the band and were looking for a name and then it just came up as we were driving somewhere in Sweden. We were like: “Vampire Blow” – yeah that’s it. Not really knowing why… Whatever meaning it has and what people want to put in it we leave to them…

And btw, this all happened a long time before that “vampire” craze with True Blood, Twilight and all that stuff happened. We are not a part of that :)

Your music is rock but I read that you all have an interest in rockabilly and some of your earlier music is more in that vain, why the switch to rock?
When we first started hanging out we were listening a lot to a compilation called “Lux and Ivy’s favorites” based on old music that The Cramps had talked about in interviews over the years. A mix of odd, rare, pop, avant-garde 50s tunes from known and unknown artist. A lot of the Rockabilly scene comes from music like this. We all really loved the compilation and it became our starting point for making our own music.So it’s not that we don’t like rockabilly, but we discovered later the scene was really fixed in style, aesthetics, sound, etc. and we didn’t belong in that place. We wanted to go in several directions and we like to think that we don’t belong to only one rock scene. In that sense we were never really true rockabilly.

I was reading in an interview with Unison that you guys are fascinated with bad taste, what is it about bad taste that speaks to you?
First: We are not only fascinated – WE LOVE IT! Lasers, gothic fonts, green screen technology, bad TV, etc. We can’t get enough of it. And it’s not only a kitsch thing we actually have a genuine love for it.
Second: We think it has something to do with rock bands often take themselves so god damn seriously. We just didn’t want to get into that act of trying to be cool. We think there’s often a great deal of honesty connected to ‘bad taste’. Its very transparent… Like our debut vinyl (literally)

So far, what would you say has been the most interesting or craziest thing to happen to you during your musical experiences?
This summer we wanted to go on a small adventure, so we decided to sail to a festival, we were booked for at a small island named Langeland
in Denmark. We have this small sailboat and it’s not big enough at all for sailing this kind of trip but we did it anyway. During the trip we hit a storm and actually almost crashed and died but that’s a whole other story. 5 days of sailing to play at this festival and when we finally arrived it turns out it’s a meat ball festival, and that they don’t have a music scene at all. We were not even cancelled, because there had never been a gig. It turns out that it was a bored teenager that had booked us. Hahaha! – Damn you Internet for making communication and fake identities to easy. Toooo bad… The sailing was nice though and we had a great time with meat balls and everything.

Vampire Blow Interview

Since we are commercial biased site, I have to ask, if you could have your song featured in any commercial for any product, what would it be and why?
WOW! Guess the dream scenario would be Thomas’ (drummer) long blond hair and quirky smile in one of those L’Oreal commercials. Oh yeah, and then a VB song in it as well would be sweet ;)

Vampire Blow Interview

How has the response been from the Old Navy commercial?
Yeah that’s a good question. How has it been? We’re eager to find out. It’s difficult to tell here from Denmark. No one has really noticed it around here. Ha, that maybe our own fault. But just knowing our music is being played in the TVs around US makes us very very happy… And now we’re just waiting for the shipping with all our new navy clothes. We don’t have Old Navy in Europe. Is it cool?

Your EP Unicorn was released in April of this year, what can we expect next from Vampire Blow? Any chance you will be touring in the US?
THAT would be awesome! Anybody (not a bored teenager) wants us to come play? We’ll put a tour around it! We’re three good friends playing in a band together. For us it’s crucial that we keep on experimenting and exploring in everything we do. Therefore you could expect anything from us. We could go touring in India, start to produce television or go into a serious long-term collaboration with P Diddy. We guess almost anything is possible. But for now it looks like we are recording a new 7” vinyl in the near future.

Vampire Blow Interview