Toyota Rav4 Commercial Song – Pink Unicorn

Toyota Rav4 Commercial

Song: Retro Soul – Retro Soul: Classic and Contemporary
Artist: Riaan Vosloo & Benedic Lamdin
Album: Retro Soul: Classic and Contemporary – Riaan Vosloo, Benedic Lamdin & Stuart Anning

This Toyota Rav4 commercial is one of my favorites on the airwaves right now. I dig the music, I dig the deep voice of the narrator and I absolutely dig the gigantic pink unicorn. I mean how could you not love a spot that features a unicorn? I truly believe that unicorns are the new …. whatever fictional animal was huge in popculture and widely known for being both adorable and magical. Was there ever one?

Anyway, thanks to the good folks at Saatchi & Saatchi in LA we can tell you that the song in this commercial is “Retro Soul” by Riaan Vosloo and Benedic Lamdin with the recording company Abaco Music. Vosloo is, according to his website, a composer, arranger and bassist. Lamdin, if I have found the right guy, has released music with Nostalgia 77 and BeBop Baby. If his music for babies is anything like Retro Soul then I need to get preggers asap as this is what I want my adorable toddler to be bopping their head to. The best news of the day…. you can download this song. And we all rejoice!

If you want to check out my other favorite Toyota Rav4 commercial then check out this spot featuring music from Eli “Paperboy” Reed. Thank you Toyota for putting the soul back into commercials!