The Ceremonies Interview

The Ceremonies

I cannot quite explain to you how jazzed I was to have had the opportunity to interview our next artist of the week: The Ceremonies. You can hear their song Land of Gathering in the commercial which we wrote about here.

First, how would you describe your music?

We’d like to capture an emotional blend along the lines of a joyous daydream meeting a nightmare. It is a yearning for a sense of communion and enlightenment. Generalizing sonically, it is a sort of combination of new wave, pop and rock—with an integration of orchestral ensembles and three-part vocal harmonies.

You guys are a family band (three brothers – Matthew, Mark and Michael Cook), how did you get started playing and who writes what?

We’ve grown up singing together—so it’s always been around the house or performing at charity events/school gigs. We started playing together as a “band” a few years ago but refrained from performing as The Ceremonies to concentrate on producing our songs to their full potential. Matthew, the eldest, writes the music and lyrics and is guided by the feeling of nostalgia.

Matthew: In much of our music thus far, I venture to capture grown-up ideas told through the perspective of a child. When I write melodies, I aim to capture a sense of familiarity for a time passed that, in actuality, does not exist. A vivid memory that never happened—music ready to stand for a new experience.

You guys are born and bred in LA, how do you feel that has influenced your music?

The sounds are, simply put, outward reflections of introspection. With that being said, our specific experiences in LA have most likely helped shaped our mindsets and our route’s for discovery; however, our music tastes are derived from a love for artists who reached popularity generations back—therefore we mostly attribute the influence to the internet and its potential to allow for a discovery of times passed.

What’s the story behind your name?

We wanted our name to embody an extension of the experiences composing the entire spectrum of human emotion. Ceremonies are communal gatherings that can span from the happy/ celebratory nature of a wedding to the sad/ mournful reality of a funeral. They are more than mere performances or events; they are metaphors embedded with significance and purpose.

What do you want people to know about your band?

Above all we value creativity, thought, and genuinity—which isn’t a proper word, but very well should be. We hope that anyone who listens to our music will have/garner similar values.

What has the reaction been like since that commercial came on the air? Are a lot of people searching you out?

We’ve been really pleased by the supportive response it has had. We’re most proud of the fact that people tend to report the song evoking an emotion that feels “all encompassing or liberating.” We’re also very glad that the commercial emphasizes creativity and really speaks to the imaginative concept behind Land of Gathering.

If you could have your song featured in any commercial for any product, what would it be and why?

Probably for some type of eReader like the Nook or Kindle. We value reading in the highest and feel sort of troubled by its decline in popularity among our generation and those coming. Though the feeling and tangible nature of a paper book is invaluable, the technology of eReader’s really have the potential to make significant change for the environment and truly inspire excitement back into learning and the opening of the mind.

I saw on your twitter that you are currently in the studio, when should your fans be on the look out for more tunes?

Our debut EP is set to release soon, but fans can also hear more tunes by joining us at our live performances. We also tend to release new songs on a whim via social media announcement, so just staying tuned to updates would be the best way. We’re really excited to share what we’ve created, and hope that people may use it to grow with as we have.

You can follow The Ceremonies by visiting their website, Facebook or Twitter.