Samsung Smart TV Commercial Song

Samsung Smart TV commercial song


Song: Run – Feet Fall Heavy
Artist: Kill it Kid
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I know this website is about songs in commercials, but can we just take a moment and appreciate the freakin’ epic visuals in this ad? I had such a hard time picking a screen capture just because there is so much awesome stuff going on. A warrior chased by cop cars, cheerleaders kicking over Roman soldiers (or some such), dune buggies, cowboys, football players, and a T-Rex for cryin’ out loud!

All of these things and more are running along a beach in slow motion while rootsy British blues band Kill It Kid supply a incredibly appropriate track called “Run.” The big stompin’ beat gives the commercial some added grandeur. It could easily just be a music video until we find out near the end that all of these things are running toward a guy who is just trying to find a movie to watch on his super futuristic Samsung Smart TV with motion sensor.

Meanwhile, Kill It Kid took its name from a Blind Willie McTell song “The Kill-It-Kid Rag” from 1940, so you know this band has their hearts in the right place. The surprisingly young group has released two albums. Core members Chris Turpin and Stephanie Ward trade vocal duties, giving each song a unique sound. Turpin brings to mind old Jonny Lang, and Ward has a kind of bluesy grit reminiscent of Janis Joplin or maybe Susan Tedeschi. Check out Ward on Pray On Me. Hot dang!

The combination of solid, throwback blues and incredible visuals really made me sit up and pay attention. This is definitely one of my favorite commercials on TV right now. What do you think? Check it out below.

Run run
Honey run on now
Run run
God’s gonna see you go

I was born in the shadows of the corn
We with the dew
In a bloodshot dawn

  • Guest

    are any of the “characters” from actual movies? the riding the horse would be well worth seeking out what he’s in!

  • Katjoy

    Are any of the “characters” from actual movies? The guy riding the horse with the helmet would be worth checking out what he’s on!