Reign Preview Song

Reign Preview Song


Song: Scotland
Artist:The Lumineers
Download It: Unavailable

It looks like The CW is trying to cash in on the whole Game of Thrones craze with its new show Reign set to premiere in October. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this show will feature dragons or insane Red Weddings or any other brutality of such unexpected grandness.

Reign tells the story of young Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1557 France. Since the show still has a few months until it airs, the preview is fairly sparse. There isn’t much to see here besides some period costumes and a dude saying “Your Grace.” Nevertheless this preview drove me up the walls for about a week and a half and it’s because of the song.

The Lumineers have been getting a ton of airplay lately, mostly for the hits like “Ho Hey” and “Stubborn Love.” But as a Denver native, The Lumineers will always be local heroes. I have followed the band since its first EP/demo tape was released, so when I heard the ahhs in the Reign preview I knew I had heard that song somewhere before. But it took me many repeated viewings of the trailer to finally figure out that the song used is “Scotland” off of The Lumineers’ debut EP. 

Kudos to whoever decided to do a little digging and use this track in the commercial. A show about Mary, Queen of Scots, and a song called “Scotland”? Nailed it. The track also has a kind of dramatic flair without being overpowering. But it is pretty darn hard to track down a song based solely on ahhs.

Sadly the EP that includes “Scotland” isn’t available for download anywhere. It might not even be available at live shows anymore. But we can all cross our fingers and hope that “Scotland” pops up on the band’s sophomore album. Until then, you can listen to the full song on YouTube via the link above.

Check out the trailer below and mark your calendars for October 10th.