Oreo Commercial Song – Dare to Wonder

Oreo commercial

Artist:Tegan and Sara

Oreo has done it again. This new Oreo commercial might again, be my favorite thing on television. They won me over with their Owl City commercial and now they have my heart again. Those Oreo execs know what they are doing. Pair adorable cartoons (ok these cartoon are not as adorbs as the Owl City commercial but they still have enough whimsy for this kid) with a hip band and you win. Sure you can’t download the tune and that’s kind of a bummer, but both of these bands have albums that you can download and enjoy. What band is this you ask? Oh…. it’s simply Tegan and Sara. We wrote about these darling twinsies when their music was featured in the Express commercial and The Lego movie commercial (am I the only one who can’t decide if they are really excited for this movie or if the amount of times they play these trailers that I think I am really excited for it?)

If you aren’t already listening to Tegan and Sara then what is wrong with you? Their music is sweet, infectious, hip, indie, hearts, puppies, kittens, teenage angst, metal… yes, I am just listing words so you go download their album. But seriously, it’s great. Check out their website, Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

P.S. They have a vegan shoe collection and one of their designs is cats. CATS! SIGN ME UP!

P.P.S. Is anyone else excited for the new cookie dough Oreos? I recently tried Birthday Cake and I might have eaten half of the box. Oops.

P.P.P.S. Just for your info, Tegan and Sara did not write this jingle, but it was penned by copywriters at the Martin Agency. Good job copywriters!

Wonder if we tried a new thing
Looked inside, see what we can bring
Forget who you’re supposed to be,
Take all your crazy flavors, show them all to me
If we dare to wonder about what holds us down,
The fears, the doubts,
Could we spark something, watch it grow?
Be more wonderfilled than we know