Nutella Commercial Song – Spread the Happy

Nutella commercial

Song: Fall for You – Fall for You – Single
Artist: Holley Maher

We had a special request, via our request form, to find out what song was in this Nutella commercial and on this chilly day we are aiming to please. The words Nutella and spread the happy seem to go without saying as who in the world could possibly not like Nutella? It’s delicious. It goes on bread goods or fruit… what’s not to like? I suppose if you are some families you were easily fooled by their earlier commercials saying this was a healthy breakfast item and maybe you didn’t like it when you realized that a Hazelnut spread is not actually the best breakfast choice. let’s be real though, Nutella is delicious and if you haven’t tried it yet you need to get to your grocery store stat. This lovely commercial was inspired by their buyers stories telling how Nutella helped them to enjoy the little moments and share the love together and this spot features one cannister of Nutella as it makes its way to various people… including a waffle truck (have I told you readers yet how very much I love food trucks?).

The song in this spot is “Fall For You” by the Nashville based Holley Maher. Ms. Maher is no stranger to the TV/commercial world and her music has been featured on “The Real World,” commercials for Birchbox and (my flava fav) and most recently in “The Fosters.” Not only is she a talented singer, songwriter but she also has a freelance graphic design boutique (her pengiun pic is my fave if anyone wants to buy it for me) and takes classes with The Nashville Ballet. What I am saying here is that this lass is an artist in every sense of the word.

Make sure to download her song, “Fall For You” using the links above and check out her EPs Euphorics ,February, and Odd Place to Be. You can check out her website, Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned in to new releases and upcoming shows.

P.S. Please note that I am probs the same age as the parents in the pic above and their lifestyle is so much more adult than mine that it frightens the heck out of me.

  • Brittany Mitchell

    I wish we had a waffle truck! Have you ever seen the pancake truck in Chicago?

    • Tahnee

      YES! I saw them outside of Sketchfest a couple of years ago and they offered me free bacon. Obv I did not take it, but anyone who offers free bacon is pretty great in my book!