Non-Commissioned Officers Interview – Riding the Wave

non-commissioned officers interview


The Non-Commissioned Officers first grabbed our attention with their song “Ahead of the Wave – Ahead of the Wave ” featured in a Citi ad in 2011. The commercial has been updated and now the band is back on the airwaves making people’s ears prick up once again. It helps that “Ahead of the Wave” is such a relentlessly catchy tune. But the Non-Coms aren’t always about memorable hooks and catchy choruses. The rotating cast of characters in this six-piece outfit strive to surprise.

The band got started by scoring a movie called MAKE-OUT with VIOLENCE. How have you evolved since then?

The band has gone through many different changes over the years, with members coming and going. We’ve had the same members now for almost three years, which is a new record for the band. As far as musically, the sound is always changing since we all have such diverse musical tastes. We like to keep things weird, but approachable. So we might put out something to make you dance, and if we feel like it we might put out something that is just meant to disturb you. It’s nice to have liberties to do whatever strikes you at that time when you are not attached to a label, record at home, and release everything DIY.

“Ahead of the Wave” first appeared in a Citi commercial in 2011 and now it’s back. Do you have a lot of people searching you out because of it?

We certainly see spikes in our Twitter followers and YouTube subscriptions whenever those commercials are running. It seems that commercials are the only real equivalent to record label promotion. A lot of bands are discovered from commercials. It’s no longer considered “selling out” to lend your music to a commercial. These days it seems almost essential to get your foot out of the door and into the audience’s ears.

Any news on a new album? Money Looking For Thieves was really solid. Where’s the follow up?

The follow up is coming soon!  We have been working non-stop on videos and this new album, which is why we have not been playing shows.  We hope to  have that done sometime this summer and do some regional touring to support it. We are also already talking of another record after this one, which we have some big plans for.  I don’t want to divulge too many details but fans of the older, darker stuff will enjoy what we have coming up. The new record will be a fast paced, straight up pop/rock record.

You guys also lent your tune “Evolve” to Garnier. Any other Non-Coms commercials headed our way?

Well, not currently. Sometimes you can hear “Ahead of the Wave” during bio-clips of American Idol, and people are infringing copyrights with it all over YouTube, but as far as any other official commercials we’ll just have to see.  It’s not something we are really actively trying to get, but those commercial deals help us pay for gear, gas, merch, and new records so we certainly welcome them.

If you could have a song featured in any commercial, what commercial or product would it be, and what song would you use?

Good question. I’d kind of like to see “You Don’t Even Know Her” on one of the silhouette iPod commercials from back in that day with Eric (our lead singer) doing his moves. That would be pretty funny. We’ve got a couple of new tracks coming out that I could see working for a sitcom theme song.

How often do you guys tour? How can new fans best keep track of your movements?

Well we are a rather unorthodox band, and we all have busy jobs and play in other bands (our drummer is all over the place these days with gigs) so touring does not happen as much as we, or our fans, would like it to. Right now we are focused on getting this new record done, finish our video and maybe start another one, and then start touring regionally when we can. Our fans can keep up with us by following our Twitter or Facebook, but we hope to have a new website up in conjunction with the new record, that will be a good news source for everyone. We are also very approachable, so send us an email if you want. We’ll write you back.