Heineken Commercial Song – The Final

Heineken Commercial Song


Song: Kalinka
Artist: Ivan Petrovitsch Larionov (composer) Sasha Ilyukevich & The Highly Skilled Migrants (vocals)
Download It: Not available

Woo. This was a tough request. An anonymous reader asked us to hunt down the song used in this new Heineken ad airing during the UEFA Champions League soccer games. The commercial itself is over two minutes long (I think that qualifies it as a short film) and shows a man racing against the clock to make it to the final game in Wembley Stadium. His journey from Brazil is filled with interesting characters.

After a few emails all around the world, including Amsterdam and London, I was able to track down some info. The song is a traditional Russian song called “Kalinka” originally composed by Ivan Larionov and arranged by Ben Tarrant-Brown. I emailed Tarrant-Brown to see if he could give me an actual band name. He got back to me with this:

“I wrote, played and recorded all of the parts based around the traditional song. So my role is producer/arranger I suppose, even though I performed most of it too. The vocals were done by the wonderful Sasha Ilyukevich.”

So basically Ben Tarrant-Brown is a super musician. Kudos, sir. It sounds great.

For the sake of covering all my bases I Googled Sasha Ilyukevich too. The dude fronts a band called The Highly Skilled Migrants. How cool is that? The band is British, but Ilyukevich himself is Belarusian. He creates a unique brand of “Belarusian Rock ‘N’ Roll” according to his website’s bio. It’s not the gypsy punk of Gogol Bordello, but it’s pretty close.

This version of “Kalinka” is not available for download yet, but Tarrant-Brown says they plan on releasing it soon, and promises to send me a link when they do. And when I know, you’ll know. Until then, check out Sasha Ilyukevich on iTunes (see link above), and just put this commercial on repeat until the song is actually released.