Heineken Commercial Song 2013 – Déjà Vu

Heineken Commercial Song 2013


Song: Dance Music (II) [From "Hare Rama Hare Krishna"] – Rough Guide to Bollywood
Artist: R. D. Burman
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R.D. Burman is back y’all! It’s so weird, I first heard of R.D. Burman while I was hunting down the track in that Warby Parker commercial and now his tunes are everywhere. Fortunately this one, “Dance Music (II),” didn’t take me nearly as long to track down because I’d heard it already in my Warby search. It totally worked out.

Who knew a prolific Bollywood composer from the ’60s and ’70s would experience such a resurgence in the 21st century? I bet we hear a Burman track in the next Tarantino movie.

Speaking of movies, this latest Heineken ad plays out like a mini one. Not as in depth as the Skyfall ad, but still pretty entertaining. The commercial focuses on a dude who travels the world and ends up in night clubs dancing with women who he apparently shouldn’t. Every time he starts grooving with a lady, some thug comes up and tries to fight him. But he makes a quick exit to the bar where he orders a Heineken in the new star bottle and all is apparently well.  Kind of makes me wonder why all these guys are so protective of their women, but won’t actually dance with them. And what happens when the thugs make it over to the bar?

The commercial takes us to three locales: Vietnam, Nigeria, and the good ol’ United States (Indian music but no India? Come on, Heineken). No matter where the dude goes, he starts dancing and then gets harassed. He doesn’t seem to mind all that much though as long as he has his beer.

The commercial has the kind of international flair and style that Heineken is known for in their ads, but once again the music really shines brightest here. Check out the ad below and see for yourself.