Gatorade Commercial Song – Sweat It. Get It.

Gatorade commercial

Song: Aye – Aye – Single
Artist: New World Sound
Album: Aye – Single – New World Sound

As an excessive sweater, I was drawn to this Gatorade commercial. I was once in a class and someone said to me, man, you are sweating a lot. You must have gotten a great work out. To a dude, this might be a compliment. To a lady, it is not. Ladies do not like to sweat. I mean sure, it means that I kicked some booty and now my body is trying to cool itself down but still… it’s gross yo. It’s especially gross when you are using machines and you know that other people are going to use them afterwards and all you can think is, good lord, I am disgusting and I am sorry for what I just did. It’s like you peed your pants or something.

The song in this commercial is “Aye” by New World Sound. According to their Souncloud they are a two man electronic team who dabble in bobsledding and croquet. Sounds like those are two very sweaty activities to me. If you want to get down to more of their music and stay tuned on all things New World Sound then check out their website and Facebook.

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