Friskies Commercial Song

Friskies Commercial Song


Song: Connected – Nightworks – EP
Artist: Caught a Ghost
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I would not describe myself as a cat person. But one thing I do like is funky music and this commercial for Friskies cat food definitely has that.

In the commercial, a cat goes searching for Friskies, the homeowners have a bunch of motion-activated night lights in the house that are apparently so sensitive to movement that the cat can turn on every light in the house by walking past it. I imagine the owner’s don’t get a lot of sleep with the lights turning on and off all the time.

The cat is on the hunt for the last Friskies morsel, and after a search all over the house, it finds it. One single bit of food sitting under the table. Friskies is a taste worth searching for.

While the cat is slinking around, the soulful sounds of Los Angeles band Caught A Ghost are heard in the background. A funky horn line and great powerful vocals make the track, called “Connected,” stand out. Fronted by song writer and producer Jesse Nolan, Caught A Ghost definitely feels like a throwback act, but the band’s bio cites influence from a diverse number of genres including ’90s rap and dubstep.

Caught A Ghost is a relatively new band on the scene, with only an EP under its belt that was released this year. Still, the group would fit on your next playlist somewhere between Mayer Hawthorne and Aloe Blacc.

Even if cats aren’t your thing, Caught A Ghost is worth checking out, and “Connected” is a perfect soundtrack for a cat on the prowl. Check out the commercial below.

I’m headed in your direction
I’ll meet you half way there
Yeah, reach out and touch me