Friskies Commercial Song – Party Mix

Friskie's commercial

Song: Move To the Beat – Move To the Beat EP
Artist: Ben Gidsjoy

OK so I def enjoy the music in this Friskies commercial, but here is what I don’t enjoy… those tiny cartoon turkeys. It looks like they are just dancing turkey’s to add to the party flair, but is the cat going to eat them? I am not into that. It’s like those M&M commercials where the M&Ms will be talking to people and then the person does something like lock them in the trunk of a car and imply that they are going to devour them, I just find that stuff creepy.

So the song in this commercial is “Move to the Beat” by Ben Gidsjoy. It looks like the song hasn’t been released yet although you can get it via SoundCloud. Here is what I will warn you of: 30 seconds is fun, a full minute… gets a bit old. But who knows, maybe you don’t find it tiring at all and want to get down with it. Here is something else, the song comes from Sublime music and if you enter their email list they will send you free tracks. I am not sure of which ones, but why don’t you give it a shot by clicking here and then let us know in the comments! Oh wait yall, ignore my comment above, you can actually purchase this. I could go in and just edit my work and tell you nothing about SoundCloud… but I prefer to follow my train of thought today and right now, this train is moving out of the station. Beep beep!