Drinking Buddies Trailer Songs

Drinking Buddies trailer songs
Song (0:33-1:30): In Decay
Artist: Phèdre

Song (1:36-2:26): Came Out of a Lady
Artist: Rubblebucket

Music From Drinking Buddies:

I actually just finished watching the new indie film Drinking Buddies on Netflix this weekend, so I was happy to see a related request come through. As a newer resident of Chicago, soon celebrating one year since transplanting myself from Wisconsin, I couldn’t help but be curious about a film set in my new stomping grounds. As a craft beer drinker, I also got a bit geeky about the story centering around an actual local brewery, Revolution Brewing in Logan Square. What transpires is a complicated romantic exchange between two brewery coworkers, both already attached. Although the story and characters are completely fictional, it’s fun to play the name game with local references that pop up, namely other local breweries Half Acre and Three Floyds. Hey, I have to establish my city cred somehow over the many suburbanites, but I’m really the only one keeping score.

The two Drinking Buddies trailer songs are both featured on the soundtrack and both speak to the experimental nature of the film which is largely unscripted, very organic. The chemistry of the characters is playful interaction between the actors themselves (especially Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson), giving a realism to the effect. The first trailer song is Phèdre’s “In Decay,” an undulating wave of synth-filtered vocals. The second is New York indie-dance group Rubblebucket’s “Came Out of a Lady.” Both help give a sense of the ups and downs the film promises. If you like the variety presented, give the soundtrack a listen to discover other connected quality artists.

Lyrics – “In Decay”
wasted bodies
lying oh so still
so many lovers
in need of organs

he couldn’t help himself
the lonely neighbor
invited him for pies

lovers in the dust
lovers in the dust

Lyrics – “Came Out of a Lady”
And I need you all these times that you tell me that I don’t
oo ooh ooh
I need you, tell me that I don’t
oh oh oh oh ooooh

I came out of a lady and
I’m glad that you to save me its amazing
You came out of a lady ooh
and it’s ooh ooh ooh