Dom Hemingway Trailer Song

Artist: Emilia Clarke
Song: Fisherman’s Blues – Dom Hemingway (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Album: Dom Hemingway (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Various Artists

The Dom Hemingway trailer is full of features. It features gun play. It features bad accents. It features bad choices. It features some lady’s red panties (which were a hit on the Youtubes, if you’re the comment-reading sort). It also features Emilia Clarke, who covered “Fisherman’s Blues” for the occasion.

Clarke, if you didn’t know, is on Game of Thrones. She’s this lady:


Otherwise known as KHALEESI (all-caps, forever). Again, that’s if you’re a Youtube comment-lurker like myself. She looks nice with dark hair, doesn’t she?

Now, I wasn’t aware that Clarke was the singing type. Here’s the rundown on her, according to my cursory interwebz research:

She’s kind of an e-recluse. Her Twitter page has over 100,000 followers and get this: ONE tweet. ONE. Her Facebook page is the same deal. One post, and 250,000 likes. What am I missing here? Did she storm off of social media, Beebs-style? There’s just nothing there.

Anyway, I looked around, and it looks like those are the actual, official pages. She doesn’t do anything with them, but they exist. Similarly, this song, “Fisherman’s Blues” is her only musical credit. It’s just one little gem in the universe with her pretty voice in it. Luckily, you can buy it and enjoy it over and over if you want. The link, per usual, is at the top of the post.

The song is a lovely, simple cover of a Dylan classic. Clarke’s voice does it justice in a very straightforward and vulnerable way. Here’s hoping she branches out again.

  • BillinHP

    Jesus. It isn’t a Dylan song. It is The Waterboys and Mike Scott. And her version is brutal.

  • Kyle Gower

    Before this Emilia Clarke song on the trailer is part of another song that I’ve heard once and have been searching for. Anybody know who it is?