Coca-Cola Commercial Song – Share A Coke

Coca-Cola commercial

Song: Keep Coming Back
Artist: Trimountaine

According to this Coca-Cola commercial, if I go to the local store and buy a Coke for me and my bestie (because we both have totally normal names) the rest of my day will end in an awesomely hipster party and with a meet cute. Sadly, my name is totally not normal and while I have checked out Coke’s website just in case, my name is not on a Coke bottle. I guess this means I will never have a meet cute and I will end up a sad, old crazy cat lady spinster. And they say you can’t tell the future…

The sweet song in this spot was custom made for the Coca-Cola commercial and is called “Keep Coming Back” by Trimountaine. While you might not be able to get your hands on this song, you can check out Trimountaine – EP – Trimountaine, their 2013 EP. The group met in Portland, OR (which, despite never have visited, I have recently discovered is the maker of all super cool things) and grew out of a mutual love of The Beatles song “Honey Pie.” Pie… well… now I am hungry… hungry for more music (and food). Make sure to check out their Facebook to stay up to date on all things Trimountaine.