Chevrolet Commercial Song – Find New Roads

Chevrolet commercial

Song: Outer Space
Artist: Chris Jordao & Alex Schiff

This Brazilian Chevrolet commercial is awesome. It’s fun, energetic, the music is popping and it’s got Mike Tyson. MIKE TYSON. I don’t know if that guy doesn’t have a lot going on and he was like well I did the Hangover so now I will do this commercial or if the advertising execs said, Hey Mike, we want you to sit in a limo and be cool and he was like yeah, I’ve got this. Either way… MIKE TYSON is in this Chevy commercial. Are American commercials this cool?

Our reader Lucas has great taste and wanted to know (he filled our our request form) who did this awesome song. Well Ryan, I am here to crush your dreams. Unfortunately the song is a custom track made specifically for the commercial. The song is called Outer Space and is by Chris Jordao and Alex Schiff. I’ve been trying to Google these fellows to tell you more about them and this is what I have discovered thus far:

  1. If you Google their names together, you get a lot of results in Spanish. Unfortunately after six years of Spanish in high school I did not retain a lot.
  2. There may or may not be various people named Chris Jordao who write commercial music. One of them is listed on a site called Creativity and has arranged music for a Safe Sex PSA called Blue Balls Sings the Blues. I might be a 12 year old boy because that made me giggle.
  3. This might be Chris Jordao’s IMDB page.
  4. There are a lot of Alex Schiff’s out there. This one is a composer. He may or may not be the Alex Schiff mentioned above.

    So there you go, there’s some mildly helpful information to round out your summer Friday.