Artist of the Week: Plains

Artist of the Week: Plains

Happy Friday! Our artist of the week this week is Miami group Plains, the band that supplies the music for the Key West Express ad. Plains members Mike McGinnis and Max Johnson talked to us about fashion, modeling, and their upcoming sophomore album that’s in the works right now.

First, what kind of music does Plains make?

Sufadelic American PsychoROCKPoP

I’ve heard your band described as a Miami super group. Can you explain that further?

We’re just old.

How did you get involved with Express?

Our record label, 10K Islands, doubles as a music house. All of the artists work on commercial music as a 9 to 5, so things like this pop us a lot.

Have you seen the commercial? What do you think of it?

I think Sushi would have done a better job modeling. She’s a performer from Key West and puts on a great show.

Don’t you think the band could have modeled those clothes a little better?

Of course. I prefer models with beards and bald spots.

Since your song was used in an Express ad, I’m curious if Plains has any fashion tips for our readers.

They all should check out Vintage Mavens. They’re based out of Miami. They know what’s up.

You guys are working on a new album right now. What can you tell me about that?

It’s different from the last album. This is the first time we’ve been able to rehearse songs before we track them so some of the new songs have a livelier feel. We’re excited about it!

You can keep track of Plains by visiting the band’s official website at or on their Facebook page,