Artist of the Week: Kid Runner

Artist of the week: Kid Runner

I know we usually try to get these Artist of the Week features up for your weekend, but excuse me if I was too distracted by Justin Timberlake’s amazing comeback on the Grammys last night to get this posted. I can’t be the only one right? I mean, “Get outcha seat Hov!” Dang. So hyped.

Anyway, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about another band that got me hyped with their track Move that aired during the X Games in January. That band is Columbus, Ohio outfit Kid Runner. Their excellent blend of pop sensibilities with high-energy electronics makes them one to watch. They have yet to release a full-length album, but that Repreve ad has gotten them a lot of attention lately. We talked to Kurt via email.

What’s the story behind your name?

Our original band name was actually Runners. A few of us were at a wedding and, per usual, dancing the night away, and our dancing started to look like running…so we decided Runners was a cool name. Because of some copyright issues/other bands being named Runners, we changed it to Kid Runner!

Your music is kind of hard to pin down. How would you describe it? Who or what are some of your influences?

We usually describe ourselves as Alternative Electronic Pop. We had someone tell us that we are a happy mesh of Passion Pit and Phoenix and we gladly accepted that label. Those are two of our big influences.

Your band is pretty new, and you’re from Columbus, Ohio, which isn’t really big on the “music city” map compared to New York, L.A. or Austin. What does this opportunity mean to you?

It’s huge. We’ve already gotten a lot of great feedback from people who heard us on the commercial, which was our whole goal! Getting our music heard by people who wouldn’t normally hear us. It rules!

What’s your favorite thing to watch at The X-Games?

Definitely men’s super pipe. Shawn White is out of control.

Are you into any of those X-Games sports yourselves?

We all shred the fresh pow pow in one way or another. Some ski, some snowboard. Nothing too intense though. We’ve got our dainty musician hands to take care of!

I just noticed that is home to a cartoon robot sketch and the Discover Channel logo. What’s that about? Where’s your website?

You can find us at the warm and welcoming!

Your song played throughout The X-Games. Has that affected your fan base in a big way?

It’s definitely starting to affect it. We’ve had a lot of new outside views to our Facebook and YouTube page. A lot of snowboarding fans are digging it, which is sweet! We will gladly provide background music to any snowboarders riding the slopes!

Are you guys working on an album right now or is “Move” just a single?

We put out a four song EP in November. “Move” is a single we released as a teaser for our full-length album coming out late April/early May, so be on the look out for that! You can download all of our music on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify!