Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Commercial Song

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX commercial song

Song: Underneath the Tree – Wrapped In Red
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Album: Wrapped In Red – Kelly Clarkson

Christmas time is here and that means lots of Christmas music commercials. A lot of these commercials utilizing custom songs that we can unfortunately never own (le sigh) but this Amazon Kindle Fire HDX commercial says not so! This spot features “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson, who also appears in the commercial, from her 2013 album Wrapped in Red.

Ever since she appeared on the first season of American Idol, I think it’s pretty near impossible not to love Kelly Clarkson. I mean she might just be the most adorable person ever and that includes her stint in that horrible movie From Justin to Kelly, which I have somehow watched more than once and thank goodness her music has been more pop/rock and less “A Moment Like This,” which was her first single. Let’s get real, that song was not dope even though records would show elsewhere. Despite seeming like the type who would prefer not to nab attention, Ms. Clarkson has somehow constantly ended up in the limelight whether or be her weight, her sexual gender identity or more recently, her husbands cheating allegations. Make sure to check out her website, Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the important stuff, like her music and make sure to download the song in the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX commercial using the links above.