Aldo Commercial Song – #perfectpair

Aldo commercial

Song: Money Rain Down – Big Black Delta
Artist: Big Black Delta
Album: Big Black Delta – Big Black Delta

Last night I got really excited as my TV was already set to Lifetime and when I turned it on the new season of Project Runway was airing. I very rarely catch the show anymore so I was pumped at my luck and even more pumped when I caught this new Aldo commercial.

The song in the spot is “Money Rain Down” by Big Black Delta and it’s retro sound is complete music to my The Cure loving ears. Big Black Delta is the one man band of Jonathan Bates from Mellowdrone. He has worked with War Widow, Alessandro Cortini and Morgan Kibby and has promised to release new material every few months to which I say, thank goodness! If you like his song, then make sure to download it using the links above and check out his website, Facebook and Twitter for more info!