2013 Samsung Refrigerator Commercial Song – Magnets

Samsung refrigerator

Song: We Belong Together
Artist: J-Man
We Belong Together by J-Man on Grooveshark

On this throwback Thursday I present to you a reader request (via our request form) for this 2013 Samsung Refrigerator commercial. The request is all the way from March and as always, we apologize for the delay, but we hope you forgive and still love us. The spot features “magnets” on a fridge that are really pictures of a couple as they go through life together (young love, marriage, babies, all that jazz) and the voice over says life changes but luckily your fridge can stay the same. I guess I want my fridge to last ten years… ya know, as long as it still looks new and hip and my friends and neighbors are all jeal(ous).

This is not the first time we have written about Samsung refrigerators as their commercials have poppin’ songs. I wrote about their spot with Depeche Mode and Jessica wrote about their spot with Train (you guys, I have a secret: I despise Train). But here is where things get fun. The song in this spot is “We Belong Together by J-Man and Matt featured him as our Artist of the Week back in January (oh Matt, you are always ahead of the curve sir). Since Matt’s interview is pretty great and you should read it, I will sum up J-Man: He was the drummer for Under the Influence of Giants but decided to take a break from traveling and spend more time in the studio and viola, music was made! Keep up to date on J-Man via his website and Facebook.

Sadly it looks like this song has not been released yet, but check out some of J-Man’s other songs using the links above!