Zillow Commercial Song 2012

Song: First Day of My Life – I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning
Artist: Bright Eyes

In this Zillow commercial from 2012, the uber-sweet Bright Eyes hit “First Day of My Life” provides the soothing backdrop to a mother’s online home search, while her son sleeps on her lap.

My new home is located in a part of Nevada where mining is thriving. Lots of mining, lots of money, lots of people in a small town, and no houses. Once I leave Denver (not long now!) I will join my boyfriend and his roommate, because there are no empty apartments to rent. The empty apartments do not exist, my friends.

We’ve looked into a bunch of different ways to address this little “problem”. Don’t get me wrong, Boyfriend’s roommate is a nice guy, but I’ve never had a roommate. I am pretty tough to get along with – I stay up late, and I’m not neat, and I need. my. space. So we have been scouring the web for houses and dragging Facebook for apartment leads. No luck. We even considered buying a house in Reno. I’d live there during the week, and Nick would come see me on weekends.

Listen to this song, and look at these lyrics:

This is the first day of my life,
Swear I was born right in the doorway
I went out in the rain, suddenly everything changed
They’re spreading blankets on the beach

Okay, forget the last two lines. Maybe just listen to the entire song. And then you’ll realize why I can’t be long-distance anymore. When Nick told me about this commercial (thanks!), I went back and played “First Day of My Life” and maybe, sort of, teared up a little.

This Zillow ad hits the nail right on the head – we find new homes because we want to make our lives there. They, of course, want you to use their service, but that’s not what concerns me. What matters is that I’m going to start a whole new chapter of my life. And I won’t  have to do it alone. In fact, I get to make my new start with a roommate! Two roommates.

It’s going to be great.


As I was writing this post, something amazing happened: Ashley, my very pregnant friend, sent me a text.

“Having a baby…”

It is literally the first day of that little girl’s life. How lovely.