Target Commercial Song – Made to Matter

Target commercial

Song: All Night – The Princess Part One
Artist: Parov Stelar
Album: The Princess Part One – Parov Stelar

If there is one thing I can say with certainty about the world, it is that there is not a lack of Target commercials. Their latest for their Made to Matter campaign features one of our former Featured Artists, Parov Stelar. I believe we can call ourselves cool now.

The song is called “All Night” and is a 2012 release from the Austrian DJ otherwise known as Marcus Fureder. He was among the first to produce electronic swing music, which as it turns out, is a genre that I just now realized existed. He won three Amadeus Austrian Music Awards in 2013 including Best Live Act, Best Electronic Act and Best Album and in 2014 he won an Amadeus for Best Live Act. He has worked with Marvin Gaye, Lana Del Rey and Bryan Ferry. Don’t be a fool by not jamming to his tunes on your own. Download the song using the links above and be sure to check out his website, Facebook and Twitter for more info.