Squarespace Commercial Song

Squarespace commercial

Song: Waves – Mondo
Artist: Electric Guest
Album: Mondo – Electric Guest

We here at WSIITC must love ourselves some Electric Guest because with this Squarespace commercial we have now written about them three times. I suppose it’s not just us who love them since obvi we only write about them as they appear in commercials. So kudos to you Electric Guest for blowing up our TVs and our hearts.

The specific song in this commercial is “Waves.” Electric Guest is the LA based band who formed in 2011. 2011… that means in merely three years they have formed and become famous. Other bands can only dream this big. You can purchase their debut album, Mondo, which you will want to and if you sign up for their email list you get a free download of their video for “This Head I Hold.” Let’s be real, you want that. Make sure to check out their website, Facebook and Twitter for more info on the band you are now in love with. Welcome to the club.

I know I, I won’t make it don’t know what to do
They say that love is easy but they must have forgot you
Oh she’s a talking thing so full of glee
But twenty-one months will not agree
A second hand girl, I guarantee
Will make a life hard for you and me
Oh I, love to hate you cause you know that I don’t
But treat me like you do I think it’s time for you to go
And always such a pretty thing,
Depending on what the day’s will bring
I can’t escape love
Dah do dah do
A la la la lo yeah

Oh, my mind, is all
Washed away, all away
We keep holding on
To the everlasting waves

They say it’s never easy when you’re 23
And maybe that’s a lie and it’s just hard as fuck for me
Oh and I know someone to ripples day
I couldn’t explain why I loved that way
I waited round all day duh dah dee
Waiting on you to make me free, and the
And the smile it just, floats away
As is the world is satisfied when night turns into day.
Oh it’s a never ending up and down.
Another hot shot when you’re around.
I’m sick of the thing that took her down.
I paint a new face with just a frown.

Oh, my mind, is all
Washed away, all away
We keep holding on
To the everlasting waves

Oh lovely, with you
No, I can’t keep from falling in love
I can’t keep from falling in love
Oh lovely