Ferrero Rocher Commercial Song

Forrero Rocher commercial

Song: Starlight – Beneath the Noise
Artist:Jasmine Ash
Album: Beneath the Noise – Jasmine Ash

You say holiday season and all I hear is candy. That’s not true… I hear other things too, but mainly I hear candy. OK so I might actually hear candy no matter what you are saying. You say, “Hey Tahnee, how are you?” I hear, “Candy, Candy, Candy, candy, sugar, sugar, ice cream, yum, yum, yum.” This might be why I now work out from two to three hours a day. Regardless, or irregardless, it is a perfect time of the year to bring you this Ferrero Rocher commercial. (Side bar: can anyone spell Ferrero Rocher without looking it up? I certainly cannot). The commercial itself is one of those cute, magical spots with flexs of gold wafting through the forest air until it makes it’s way to a tree house party and becomes a stack of delectable Ferrero Rocher. (Second side bar: can someone build me a tree house so I can have an uber fancy party in it? Although I might not ask ladies to wear dresses as who is climbing a tree in a really fancy dress? What’s up pervy boys below who are like no, I swear, I will hold the ladder for you… for safety…).

The song in this spot is “Starlight” by Jasmine Ash. Ms. Ash is a singer-song writer originally from Portland, Oregon but now residing in sunny LA whose work is no stranger to the television and commercial world. Her song Starlight has appeared in a Macy’s commercial, JC Penny commercial, “Beauty and the Briefcase” and “The Good Wife”. She has also had songs in an Apple iPad commercial, Nissan commercial, Volkswagen commercial, “Ugly Betty”, “Royal Pains”, “The Hills” and my personal favorite “Pretty Little Liars.” If this wasn’t enough, her debut album, Beneath the Noise was released in 2012 and she fronts the indie-rock band Oh Darling. To stay up to date on her activities check out her website, Facebook and Twitter.

If you like her work remember to download the song using the links above!

so you’re shining waiting
to put your arms around me

now we’re dancing daylight
and we will awake in the starlight

so you try to love with any heart you have
but does it matter?
does it matter?

oh oh oh oh
Love… (Lu-ah-uh-uve)
Love… (Lu-ah-uh-uve)
me more
more than ever

  • Deanna Crichley

    Has sounded forever like someone wants to put their HARMS around me. No thanks.