Audi Q5 Commercial Song

Audi Q5 Commercial Song

Song: They All Look the Same (feat. Rich Andruska) – They All Look the Same (feat. Rich Andruska) – Single
Artist:L R M
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Audi’s new commercial for the Q5 SUV shows a neighborhood filled with beige cars and people who look exactly like one another. So it makes sense that the song used here is called “They All Look The Same.” The ad wants you to stand out in your new Audi Q5 because it’s not boring. In fact it’s grey instead of beige.

The commercial does a pretty good job on its own making its point about standing out, then they add a song about standing out. A pleasant little folk ditty by L R M featuring Rich Andruska. The band itself is pretty darn hard to Google. I can’t find an official website, but Wikipedia told me L R M could stand for any of several things including Low-Rank Monkey. Just mind the spaces and you should be able to find the track without difficulty.

Anyway, as if the visuals and the song weren’t enough, Audi also tacks on an Oscar Wilde quote. “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” That’s good advice, but I don’t know if ol’ Oscar was referring to cars.

Regardless, Audi’s message is crystal clear. The song is catchy and is not actually a custom track, so download it and be merry. Oh, and be yourself.


The one on the left and
The one on the right
Can’t tell them apart
Try as you might
But a wise man once said that the secret to life
Is to find one that don’t look the same
Find one that don’t look the same

  • annie

    Wow – I could have sworn that was John Prine singing. Oh well….

    • Rebeccca

      It sounded like a young John Prine to me too.

      • Jeffrey Olah

        I thought it was Kevin Welch singing

  • Radio Joe

    LRM is on Facebook: “LRM Music Creation is Lou Pucci, Rich Andruska and Michael Fog. Three veteran musicians/writers/producers who recently joined forces to create great music for recording artists, tv/movie placements, advertising and everywhere else!”

  • Bambi

    I thought it was Bruce Springsteen singing the tune.

    • jamesvictorowens

      Me too. Sounds a lot like Bruce.

  • Dustin Daniels

    This commercial is a total rip off of the opening title sequence from the Showtime series “Weeds”. No originality on this commercial at all.

    • sangsue

      I don’t know how who tell you this but the song was “Little Boxes” sung by Pete Seeger.

      • sejanus

        Written by Malvina Reynolds.

      • Robert Perlberg

        He’s referring to the visual design and the overall concept.

  • Claire

    Audi is just up to their old tricks of trying to rip off Tom Waits

  • solly

    kinda reminded me of eddie vedder. but with better enunciation.

  • brandthea

    I find that song super-grating and its getting to where I want to turn down the TV when it comes on. Audi ads are pretentious just like most drivers of their cars.

  • kitty

    That song makes sense, it is the truth.

  • bill greene

    Sounded like Arlo Guthrie the first time I heard it. It’s only the last of three verses.


    it sounds like early BOB DYLAN !

  • Mark Wingender

    Actually,I thought it might have been Springsteen. It sounds an awful alot like him.