Muller Commercial Song 2013 – FruitUp

Muller yogurt commercial

Song: Let me Go out
Artist: Michael Rault

If your grocery store did not already have enough yogurt for you to choose from, this Muller commercial wants you to also consider their FruitUp yogurt the next time you have a dairy craving. According to Muller‘s website, they are pairing with Quaker to bring you their product which they consider European for yummy. Personally I am a fan of all things European, especially food choices, so I would never say no to a product that just looks so adorably happy (yes I am a sucker for packaging). The hip Muller commercial features the adorably retro Kaija Matiss enjoying some Muller and cuddling with a friend or beau on a dock while also sporting some magically sparkly shoes. Kaija has gained some love from YouTuber’s who want to know more about her and I must say, I expected her to be European. I was much shocked to find that she is from New Jersey and her parents are originally Canadian. While there is obviously nothing wrong with this, I was just absolutely convinced that with a name like hers she was from some far away country where adorable ladies like her exist in the hundreds.

The song in this Muller commercial that caught this writers ear is Let me go out by Michael Rault from his 2010 album Ma-Me-O. I consider myself absolutely smitten with this song. It’s perfect for your 50s/60s sock hops where you don your poodle skirt and dance your last slow-ish dance with the gent who pinned you. Rault is currently working on a new album which follows up his previous releases and draws the same inspiration from the retro. You can follow this Canadian sensation on Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunatly it looks like this song is not available for download, but you can find the video here and you can buy his album Crash! Boom! Bang! – Michael Rault which is equally as wonderful.

I expect this commercial and this song to be blowing up in the near future so fall in love with both before your friends.