• Nationwide commercial

    Nationwide Commercial Song

    Song: Kill of the Night – Gravel & Wine
    Artist: Gin Wigmore
    Album: Gravel & Wine – Gin Wigmore

    The request for this Nationwide commercial was posted on our Facebook page and was …

  • Heineken commercial

    Heineken Commercial Song – The Odyssesy

    Song: 16 Toneladas – Brazilian Beats Brooklyn
    Artist: Noriel Vilela
    Album: 16 Toneladas – Single – Noriel Vilela

    If you were watching Mad Men on Sunday night then you might have caught …

  • Spotify Commercial

    Spotify Commercial Song Paint It Black

    Song: “Klapp Klapp”
    Artist: Little Dragon
    Album: Nabuma Rubberband (Pre-order, to be released 5/13/14)

    Welcome to part 2 of our in depth Spotify commercial coverage (for …

  • Tezenis commercial song

    Tezenis Commercial Song – We Turn It Up

    Song: We Turn It Up
    Artist: Oh Land

    We all have to break out of our shells sometimes. For me, that shell has been my distaste for pop music …

  • 2014 Target commercial song - laundry #TargetRun last call

    2014 Target Commercial Song – #TargetRun Laundry Last Call

    Song: She’s Enough
    Artist: Atmosphere

    There are few things more insincerely dreaded than a trip to Target. It now comes with the expectation that a shopping list of …

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