• Ram commercial

    Ram Commercial Song – Labor Day Sales

    Song: Jungle – The Reason – EP
    Artist: X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons
    Album: The Reason – EP – X Ambassadors

    This Ram commercial is made for boys. There, I said it. It …

  • Roxy Commercial Song

    Roxy Commercial Song

    Song: “Someday”
    Artist: The Growlers
    Album: Hung at Heart

    This new Roxy commercial sure is pretty. Now is a great time to get in your last minute trips to …

  • Kia Soul Commercial

    Kia Soul Commercial Song

    Song: “Animals”
    Artist: Maroon 5

    I have a few questions for the rodents in this Kia Soul commercial. First, what happened to the Kia hamsters? I thought …

  • Squarespace commercial

    Squarespace Commercial Song

    Song: Waves – Mondo
    Artist: Electric Guest
    Album: Mondo – Electric Guest

    We here at WSIITC must love ourselves some Electric Guest because with this Squarespace commercial we have now written …

  • SprintFramilyCommercial

    Sprint Framily Commercial Song

    Song: “Mobbin feat Hedspin”
    Artist: Grandtheft

    I hope today is your birthday because we brought you a present: the newest Sprint Framily commercial. Sorry it isn’t wrapped, but …

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Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider Commercial Song

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