• anthony bourdain

    Anthony Bourdain Commercial: Have Love, Will Travel

    Song Have Love, Will Travel
    Artist The Sonics
    Download it

    Whoever picked out the song for the latest Anthony Bourdain commercial nailed it. Richard Berry wrote the classic “Have Love …

  • Eau De Gaga Commercial

    Eau De Gaga Commercial Song

    Song: “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”
    Artist: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga
    Album: Cheek to Cheek

    Great news for people who want to smell like a …

  • 2014 Miller Lite Commercial Song - Subliminal

    2014 Miller Lite Commercial Song – Subliminal

    Song: Joy
    Artist: Apollo 100

    There’s nothing subliminal about our love of answering your requests. There may be something subliminal about my choice to answer a beer request …

  • Cosmopolitan Hotel Commercial Song 2014

    The Cosmopolitan Hotel Commercial Song – Just the Right Amount of Wrong

    Song: Twilite Speedball
    Artist: Mos Def

    I can identify a commercial for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in a matter of seconds. Their use of dark and highly stylized …

  • Levis

    Levi’s Commercial Song

    Song: Rumble and Sway
    Artist: Jamie N Commons
    Album: Rumble and Sway EP

    A very important media critic recently said “Jamie N Commons is dominating the commercial world.” Oh …

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