• Twix commercial

    Twix Bites Commercial Song

    Song: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car – Billy Ocean: Greatest Hits
    Artist: Billy Ocean
    Album: Billy Ocean: Greatest Hits – Billy Ocean

    I am not sure if the …

  • Hulu Plus Commercial

    Hulu Plus Commercial Song

    Song: “Repeating Motion”
    Artist: RAC featuring Karl Kling
    Album: Strangers

    Watching this Hulu commercial it is hard to believe that the streaming service launched just 7 years ago. I …

  • ifty Shades of Grey trailer

    Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Song

    Song: Crazy In Love – Dangerously In Love
    Artist: Beyoncé
    Album: Dangerously In Love – Beyoncé

    It’s here, it’s here! The Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer is here! For …

  • Birchbox commercial

    Birchbox Commercial Song – Open for Beautiful

    Song: Ink Slinger – Originator
    Artist: Brooke Waggoner
    Album: Originator – Brooke Waggoner

    Yes, I chose the above picture from this Birchbox commercial because I find that man incredibly attractive. Hipster …

  • Bravo commercial

    Bravo Commercial Song – Summer by Bravo

    Song: Can You Do This – Lift Your Spirit
    Artist: Aloe Blacc
    Album: Lift Your Spirit – Aloe Blacc

    Send in the clowns. Everyone loves a clown right? I think that …

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