• Big Driver Trailer

    Lifetime Big Driver Trailer Song

    Song: “Run From Me”
    Artist: Timber Timbre
    Album: Hot Dreams

    Welcome to October, dear readers, the time of the year when tv gets spooky! Lifetime movies are a tricky …

  • KFC Commercial

    KFC Commercial Song

    Song: “Get Together”
    Artist: The Youngbloods

    Have you been feeling a little “meh” lately? Well this KFC commercial is here to cheer you up with a message about togetherness …

  • Microsoft Surface Pro3

    Microsoft Surface Pro3 Commercial Song – Head to Head

    Song: I Am the Best (내가 제일 잘 나가) – I Am the Best (내가 제일 잘 나가) – Single
    Artist: 2NE1
    Album: I Am the Best (내가 제일 잘 나가) – Single – 2NE1

    Welcome to Miami. Bienvenido a Miami. I write you from …

  • 2014 Target commercial

    2014 Target Commercial Song – Pop It

    Song: Pop It – Pop It – EP
    Artist: Anamanaguchi
    Album: Pop It – EP – Anamanaguchi

    I’ve seen this 2014 Target commercial about five times this week and every time I …

  • Budweiser Commercial Song

    Budweiser Commercial Song Friends are Waiting

    Artist: Dan Rodriguez

    Grab the tissues, because today’s Budweiser commercial request is probably going to make you cry. (If it hasn’t already, I think I’m up to …

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